To make this fall season as safe as possible  us we have developed the following additions at the Academy of Performing Arts at Rhino Theatre:

  • The installation of a fully functional 28 foot x 8 foot outdoor stage with lighting and sound capabilities that will be accessible to students as weather and temperatures permit.

  • The development and implementation of a health management center and system for screening and addressing health concerns related to COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus.

  • The installation of d hand sanitizing stations throughout our location.

  • Limited contact points and enhanced cleaning/sanitizing of all common areas and touchpoints and restrooms (including additional upgrades to our restrooms to include new seats and lids, disposable paper seat covers, and touchless hand drying systems)

  •  Upgraded HVAC and portable air purification systems to ensure clean, filtered air when inside.

  • Limited capacity classes, in association with local and state guidelines. Currently each camp session allows for a maximum of 8 students to ensure proper social distancing, safety, and well-being.

(SD) = "Social Distancing"




All Fall Programs are socially-distanced indoor programs, providing all students with a minimum of 10 feet of personalized space during all indoor activities, with the opportunity for outdoor gatherings on our open air stage and backlot as weather and temperatures permit. 

Face covering are required for all students while they are waiting to be screened at our health management center (and for any parents accompanying them), when they are inside our facility under certain circumstances (namely when social distance of 10 feet or more cannot be maintained), and when they are not able to maintain adequate social distance outside of our facility (6 feet or more). For a comprehensive outline of when students are required to wear masks and when it is not required and/or optional, please review our full ACADEMY CODE OF CONDUCT. Students are permitted water breaks during their classes, at which point masks may be lowered for the purpose of hydrating - with the understanding that social distancing must still be maintained.



  • When students arrive each day, they should arrive with a mask on and wait to be cleared by our health screener.

  • Students will wait outside standing on the outlined marks along the walkway to keep a social distance of 6 feet until they are called inside for their quick health screen one at a time. Similarly, they will wait inside if weather requires using the same social distancing markers with a mask on.

  • What will happen during the health screen?

    • Students will undergo a digital no-touch temperature check

    • Students will be asked the following question: 

      • "In the past 14 days including today, have you had a fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, unidentified rash or difficulty breathing?" 

  • Once a student has been cleared and has been brought to their SD area (a socially distanced 10 foot area of personal space) they may remove their mask until their instructor advises them to apply their mask and/or if they get up to leave their SD area for a water or bathroom break, or to engage with other students and/or instructors.

If the students's temperature is over 100 degrees or if the answer to their health screening question is yes, the student will be kept separate from the other students while a parent or guardian is called for the studentto be sent home. Students will not be able to return to their class session until they have been fever free (without anti-fever medication) for three days or until they have been medically cleared to return by a doctor.

Need to use the restroom or take a break while inside? No problem.


  • We have cueing areas and will have staff monitoring these areas at all times. 

  • Face Covering must always be worn whenever a student is moving through our building or is outside of their designated SD area.

  • There will be no cross over between students and we will take advantage of the two completely separate sides of our building and the multiple rooms to keep everyone safe and separated to prevent cross contamination.

Show Day! 

  • There will be a final celebration performance at the conclusion of all classes. 

    • FOR VIRTUAL GATHERINGS (if weather/temperature doesn't permit use of outdoor venue):

      • Families and friends may watch a Facebook Live broadcast of the celebration performance.

    • FOR IN PERSON GATHERINGS (as guidelines and weather/temperatures allow):

      • Families/parties will be arranged and assigned seating squares.

      • Families must bring their own lawn/game chairs to enjoy the celebration performance.

      • Masks must be worn by patrons older than 3 years old.

More detailed specifics about our Health Management and Audience expectations and show protocols can be found by CLICKING HERE.


What you should do for a great class experience:

Self-Monitoring and Personal Responsibilities:

  • Do not participate if you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 

For a current list of symptoms related to COVID-19 please CLICK HERE

  • Bring a face covering to wear, and wear when asked by instructors and/or when moving inside our facility and when waiting for your initial health check screening. Masks should be worn properly with the mask covering the mouth and nose. For indoor spaces, masks should be worn when distance of 10 or more feet cannot be maintained. For outdoor spaces, masks should be worn when distance of 6 or more feet cannot be maintained.

  • Do not share pencils, folders, notebooks, or any personal items with other students.

  • Adhere to direction by management with regard to social distancing (SD) and Academy Code of Conduct. 

  • Always be kind, considerate and empathetic of others; bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances and any cases of such may result in immediate dismissal of the student from their  program without a refund.

  • Please don’t linger, gather or congregate before or after class and always practice social distancing (SD) while in class.

  • Smile and enjoy the moments we spend together, as now we know how truly special they are!


 What you should bring to class:

  • A refillable water bottle

  • Comfortable shoes (no flip flops or open toed shoes, please)

  • Dress for the weather (in the event we are able to work on our outdoor stage)

  • Bring and/or apply sunscreen and bug-spray

  • Face Covering / Mask

  • Pencils, notebook, and folder

  • For dance classes: appropriately sized dance shoes (jazz, tap, ballet, character) as directed by the instructor


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