Academy Code of Conduct updated March 2, 2022


The Academy Code of Conduct applies to both Rhino Theatre Group locations

(studio and mainstage) including the sidewalks and parking lots surrounding the buildings.



  • to protect the rights and safety of Theatre patrons

  • to protect the rights and safety of casts and crew

  • to preserve and protect the Theatre's facilities, materials and properties



Invitees (guests to our business) who violate their invitation and parameters therein, legally become a trespasser; and will therefore, have no legal right to remain on premises. Failure to abide by this code of conduct and its explicit rules as implemented and enforced by Rhino Theatre Group in association with local and national authorities, will result in release from the premises


Behaviors expected to enter premises for ALL stages and events:

MUST SELF MONITOR if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who is sick.

Mask wearing is at the discretion of each person and will not be enforced.

Whether your symptoms are due to allergies or COVID, we highly encourage the use of masks until you are sure.  If you are sick, please stay home.  If anyone on our staff observes a person experiencing symptoms, we will provide them with a disposable face covering and may ask them to remove themselves from the space. We are still committed to maintaining an infection free environment. To this end, face coverings and sanitizer will continue to be available at both shows and rehearsals. Our first thought since this pandemic began has been the health and safety of our casts, crew, and audiences. This priority has not changed. Our updated mask policy continues to reflect CDC guidance, and we will, of course, be monitoring their website for any changes in the coming weeks and months.


Behaviors where Release/Removal is Absolute:

The following behaviors are considered unacceptable on Rhino Theatre Group premises:

  • Disobeying instructors or production team

  • Disregard for other patrons, cast, crew and irresponsible behaviors associated with public health while seated or while traversing premises

  • Possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons of any kind

  • Smoking or vaping is prohibited

  • Verbal or physical abuse to cast, crew, staff or other patrons

  • Disruptive noise, profane language

  • Disruptive use of cell phones