Attendees/Audience Expectations at Events


For the safety of our patrons, staff, and actors do not come if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who is sick or has been sick within the last 14 days. Attendees and Audience members should self-monitor prior to arriving at our events. If they are feverish or generally not feeling well or have been around someone who is actively sick or has been sick within the last 14 days, our suggestion is to stay home and contact us at the Box Office to discuss rescheduling options.

For a current list of symptoms related to COVID-19 please CLICK HERE

Rhino Theatre’s Code of Conduct is prominently posted on our website and at each of our locations.  We expect this social contract to be adhered to or admittance will not be granted and removal from the event will be lawfully enforced for anyone choosing not to adhere to this Code of Conduct. Patrons and Guests at Rhino Theatre who violate their invitation and the parameters therein based on the Code of Conduct and guidelines set forth in our re-opening plan will legally be considered a trespasser and will therefore lose their legal right to remain on premises.


 Arrive wearing a face covering

  • Proceed to the table marked "Heath Management" and wait to be admitted. 

    • Adhere to all social distancing and direction from ushers, staff and health managers who will be in red aprons.

  • Proceed to health management table when instructed

    • Have digital temperature taken

      • if temperature reads above 100 degrees, patrons may opt to have an oral temperature taken for confirmation or they may decline. If they decline, they will not be permitted entrance to the event. 

      • If an oral temperature is taken and still reads above 100 degrees, the audience member will not be permitted entrance to the event and will be asked to leave the premises for the health and safety of our staff, patrons, and actors.

  • Answer a 5 question Health Check Questionnaire; 1 question for 17 and under.

    • Please note: this health check will including contact tracing information including name, email, and phone number


When cleared for admittance to the event:

  • Proceed to check-in at the Box Office Area and give the staff member your party name and number of tickets.


  • An usher will lead you to your AAA seating area.

    • AAA stands for: Assigned, Arranged and According to Family/Party - this is prearranged seating and if you wish to sit with other ticket holders, we must know this in advance

    • Please note: for the safety of your and your party and our other patrons, those who are not initially assigned to your AAA seating area will not be permitted to join you in that area.


For Restroom Use: 

  • Using the restroom during the show is not recommended.  In an emergency, you will be escorted by a health manager.

Best Practices While In Attendance:

  • Maintain face covering for the entire time while on-site.

    • Per current guidelines and directives face coverings in all indoor locations must be worn at all times under all circumstances. This policy will be enforced for your protection and the protection of others

  • No eating while on-site. 

  • Masks can be lowered (not removed) for drinking only.

  • After the show is over, all attendees/audience members must exit immediately. 

    • No lingering or congregating will be permitted.

    • There will be no gathering to meet casts or crew. 


Dress Code:  


  • Face covering is required for all indoor events and at all times before, during and after the show

    • Please note: we will not have extra face masks available for patrons. If patrons arrive without a facial covering, they will not be permitted entry until they have one.