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Rhino Theatre Summer Camps
Rhino Theatre Summer Camps

Rhino Theatre Summer Camps
Rhino Theatre Summer Camps

Rhino Theatre Summer Camps
Rhino Theatre Summer Camps

Rhino Theatre Summer Camps
Rhino Theatre Summer Camps


Out of an abundance of caution, for the safety of our patrons and actors, and in accordance with current local, state, and federal health guidelines and advisories,  Rhino Theatre has postponed all currently scheduled Academy shows, workshops, and classes in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We will notify our Academy students and parents via our website and our mailing list as soon as we are able to safely reopen. Please be sure to check back often for new information and/or sign up for our mailing list to be kept in the loop. If you have purchased workshops, classes, and/or academy show spots that are currently postponed, please know that we will honor any and all purchases made toward future workshops, classes, and/or academy shows upon our reopening. For any further questions regarding the Academy, please contact Rhino Theatre Box Office via phone at 973-248-9491.


The Academy believes that theatre

is more than something to watch or do;

it's an outward expression of human 

creativity and imagination.  



The Academy of Performing Arts at Rhino Theatre (A.P.A.R.T.) teaches its students that theatre is both a craft to be learned and studied and an art to be practiced and explored.


It is our belief that when these base elements (craft and art) are combined and applied by a performer, it results in impacting, meaningful, and inspiring experiences for both actors and audiences of live theatre.

An Engaging, Immersive, and

Educational Experience

The Academy’s dedicated, experienced, and professional instructors and coaches are invaluable mentors as actors, singers, writers, and directors with a wealth of both professional and educational knowledge. Along with their first-hand insight, they provide a genuine and true passion 

for supporting individual progress throughout the student's experiences, whether it be as part of an Academy Kids or Teens Production, at one of our Summer Conservatory Programs, Academy Masterclass Series, One-Day Workshops, or Private Lessons/Coaching Sessions. 


Students are expertly led through academic, physical and psychological explorations in all of our Academy programs and productions. Each interaction allows the student to learn and approach their performances through a rich and immersive process that involves text analysis, renowned acting techniques, movement, speech, voice and sensory work, just to name a few – all tailored to fit within the age and developmental abilities of each student group.


The Academy's main objective is not just in helping a student improve their onstage performances, but in helping prepare students for success offstage, as well, in other areas of their lives.  In this way, we address the whole being of the student - not just as an actor, but as a person. All of the programs offered at The Academy allow students to unearth their deepest potential and harness an inspiring connection to their audiences while on stage, and also boost their own self image, self esteem, self confidence, and self worth, so that whatever direction life takes them in, they will have a set of tools personalized to their skills and talents at their disposal to help them achieve their goals, have empathy and find success.

academy at rhino theatre

Standards of Excellence

Remarkable achievements for our past students, both on and off stage, have not been by chance, but are rooted in a genuine foundation built on exposure, experience, practice, and preparation. Each of the many offerings at The Academy creates and fosters an environment that is ripe for discovery, exploration, and growth in all disciplines of theatrical craft and artistry in order to not only prepare students for a career in the entertainment industry, if they so choose, but for life in general.


The Academy has long understood that when a student is supported, encouraged, guided, and treated as an individual with their own unique experiences, talents, and perspectives something astounding happens. It ignites an inner passion in each student that encourages them to search for and rise to their deepest potentials, fostering continued growth and empowerment with each new program and/or performance they take part in. As a student's involvement in Academy programs and productions continues, so, too,  does their exploration and discovery of the craft and artistry of theatre; and with it a deeper exploration and discovery of what they are able to personally bring to everything they do in their lives on stage, in class, on the sports field, at home, and beyond.