$25 GENERAL ADMISSION     $70 Dinner & Show Combo

JUNE 18 - 19, 2021
Our Annual One Act Playwright Jamboree returns this Season with another collection of ground-breaking, boundary-pushing, fresh, new plays from emerging and established playwrights from around the world - and YOU - our audience - help determine the winning play and recipient of our Jamboree cash prize.
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Written by Loretta Bolger Wish

Directed by Heather Mauriello

What happens when a teenager gets to spend the day and "watch" his great-great-grandmother.

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Written by Donald Loftus

Directed by Brad Bebout

A morning ritual is both the same and different on this day.

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Written by Judy Wilson

Directed by Liz Scully


After her father's death, a daughter finds out a secret that her mother has been keeping.

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Written by Brian Scanlan

Directed by Don Pauselius


Reunions bring up feelings that need to be addressed even after 25 years.

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Written by Ken Levine

Directed by Mac McCormick

Shakespeare is rejected by a 10-minute play festival and does not take it well.

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Written by Glenn Alterman

Directed by Sam Chuck


A son hasn't seen his father, who is quite ill, in years and finally decides to visit him in the hospital to maybe say what is finally meant to be said.

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Written by Ed Friedman

Directed by Suzanne Goldensohn

A daughter is making an "effort" to try to get along with her mother's boyfriend.

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Written by Gretchen O'Halloran

Directed by Maya Lozea

A father -  always protecting his daughter, no matter what the circumstance - has to delicately share some bad news.