RHINO STUDIO 237
237 Hamburg Turnpike
Pompton Lakes, NJ
247 Wanaque Avenue
Pompton Lakes, NJ




While we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, we always strive to make the best decisions we can given our ever-changing challenging circumstances. For a complete run down of our REOPENING PLANS & PROTOCOLS CLICK HERE. To review the CODE OF CONDUCT that ALL must abide by while on-site and in attendance at Rhino Theatre events, CLICK HERE.    Our Mainstage location will be reopening at 50% capacity in March 2021. Everyone attending an event at Rhino Theatre must have a ticket regardless of age. All those ages 3 and older  must also WEAR A FACE COVERING PROPERLY COVERING NOSE AND MOUTH while on-site and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING while on-site. Children under the age of two are not recommended and parents should ensure young children observe proper theatre etiquette. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Child tickets to all productions are for those 17 and younger. Senior tickets to all productions are for those 65 and older. Our ticket provider charges a processing fee. To avoid this fee, you may call the theatre directly to purchase tickets. NO PAPER TICKETS OR RECEIPTS WILL BE USED OR AVAILABLE. In-Person ticket purchases are highly discouraged, but if such arrangements must be made we are asking all patrons to use credit or debit cards for all purchases or exact change whenever possible. Refreshments may be available, but for the time being will be limited to bottles of water, available for $2 using exact change only.  If you want to change a date or time, there is a $3.00 ticket change fee. Group Rates are currently unavailable. Choose Your Own Seats is currently unavailable.  Seating arrangements are at the discretion of Rhino Theatre staff or prearranged special seating.   Indoor occupancy is currently reduced at 35% capacity for all indoor performances, classes, and workshops; we will abide by social distance parameters and masks are required to be worn by audiences at all times while inside any of our locations. ALL THOSE PURCHASING A TICKET TO A RHINO THEATRE EVENT ARE - THROUGH THEIR PURCHASE - AGREEING TO ABIDE BY OUR CODE OF CONDUCT. 


Rhino Theatre Code of Conduct


The Code applies to both Rhino Theatre Group locations (Studio 237 and Mainstage)

including the sidewalks and parking lots surrounding the buildings.



-to protect the rights and safety of Theatre patrons

-to protect the rights and safety of casts and crew

-to preserve and protect the Theatre's facilities, materials, and properties



Invitees (guests to our business) who violate their invitation and parameters therein, legally become a trespasser; and will therefore, have no legal right to remain on premises. Trespassers who remain on Rhino Theatre property can and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, up to and including removal from law enforcement if necessary.


Failure to abide by this code of conduct and its explicit rules as implemented and enforced by The Rhino Theatre Group in association with local, state, and federal authorities, will result in release from the premises and may result in a ban from all future events at Rhino Theatre, depending on the extent and severity of the actions that resulted in their release from the premises and/or if they are deemed repeat offenders.


Behaviors expected to enter premises for indoor and outdoor stages and events:

  • No admittance if you are sick or have been sick or in contact with anyone who is sick or has been sick within the last 14 days. All  invitees are expected to self monitor prior to their arrival at our facilities.

  • Face covering for all invitees Ages 3 and up that cover the nose and mouth and which are provided by the invitee. 

    • Indoor:  This includes wearing a face covering during the entire show and during your entire time on-site, with the exception of lowering - not removing - the face covering to drink water.

    • Outdoor:  This includes wearing a face covering until you are seated, while moving around, socializing or using the restroom. 

  • Maintaining social distancing between you/your party and other invitees.

  • Register at the health management table or tent upon arrival and undergo the following: 

    •  A digital temperature 

      • If over 100 degrees, you may request an oral temperature to be taken.

      • If the oral temperature is still over 100, you must immediately leave the premises.

    • Accurately and honestly answer a 5-question Health Screen Questionnaire for all Adults; 1-question for 17 and under.

    • Provide your name, phone number, and email for contact tracing purposes.

  • Participate in AAA Seating

    • This involves being escorted by an usher to a designated area that is Assigned, Arranged and According to family/party and not changing or mixing your AAA area with others.

  • Invitees using our restrooms must abide by and follow all directives and guidance from Rhino staff and health managers regarding restroom traffic patterns. 

    • Restroom use during the show is not recommended, but emergency escort can be provided.

  • No eating or food permitted on-site.

  • Exiting immediately following the performance as instructed via stage announcements and as directed by Rhino staff and ushers. 

    • No gathering before or after the show.

    • No congregating to greet casts, crew, or friends will be allowed or permitted, nor will the giving or receiving of any gifts on-site.


Behaviors Where Release/Removal is Absolute:

The following behaviors are considered unacceptable on Rhino Theatre Group premises:

  • Removal of mask before, before, during or after show while on-site (unless outdoors and seated)

  • Disregard for other patrons, cast, crew and irresponsible behaviors associated with public health while seated or while traversing premises

  • Being unwilling to maintain social distance standards by not staying social distanced from other invitees, moving or modifying cuing equipment, and/or repositioning or moving preassigned AAA areas or seating arrangements

  • Possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons of any kind

  • Smoking  and vaping while on Rhino Theatre property (including parking lots and sidewalks)

  • Loitering or gathering before or after events

  • Being verbally or physically abusive to cast, crew, staff or other patrons (including through means of cyber communication that could be construed as threatening, demeaning, defaming, or bullying)

  • Being excessively loud and/or using profane language

  • Making disruptive use of cell phones (including the use of flashlight or strobe devices and including video or audio recording during performances which are prohibited under copyright law and performance agreements with licensing companies)

  • Defacing or destroying property belonging to or on the premises of The Rhino Theatre Group before, during, or after events.